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Loan Application Extension

This is an extension to the loan comparison table. If you want to test the form before it goes live (and have to pay for it) contact me or fill in the comment form below.

The demo below shows you the loan details gathered from the comparison form along with the selected bank. There is also an option to show the bank logo.

Scroll down the page to see all the application form features.

Loan Application

You are applying to borrow $ for years.

Enter your details below to complete the applicaton. Required fields are marked with an asterisk

Personal Details

You must provide your personal details

Full name *
Email address *
Telephone number *
Date of Birth *
ID Number *
Marital Status *
Number of dependants *
Preferred time of call (if needed)
Document type *
Proof of identity document *

Loan Details

Loan Amount *
Loan Term *
Purpose of loan *
How do you intend to pay this loan? *


Enter your current address and previous address if you have lived there for less than one year.

Building Name
House/Flat number and road *
Town *
Postcode *
Type of Residence *
Time at Residence *
Document type *
Proof of address document *


Please provide details of your expenditure

Estimated monthly cost of Food and Groceries *
Estimated monthly cost of recreation *
Existing loan repayments *

Employment and Income

Please provide details of your employment and income

Company Name
Name of Employer
Job title
Monthly Net Income *
Time in this employment
Is your income paid directly into your bank account? *
Select additional income sources *

Bank Details

Your banking details are required to set up loan repayments

Bank Name *
Account Number *
Sort Code *
IBAN Number *
SWIFT Number *
Address *
Country *


Please confirm the following:


You successfully submitted the form


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  • Imports loan and bank details from the loan comparison table.
  • Over 50 editable fields split into sections
  • Document upload option
  • Notification and autoresponder
  • Application records
  • CSV and email download options
  • GDPR compliant