A Free WordPress Plugin

Loan Comparison Plugins

Custom wordpress plugins created to compare loan products. The core code is very similar in all comparisons plugins which means it’s usually not too complicated to build the required output.

Bank loan (Denmark)

Loan comparisons (Finland)

One of the first plugins I wrote. Really simple table, just the amount and filters.

Loan Comparison with Application Form (Romania)

Standard comparison table but this one has a built in application form.

Mortgage comparison (Italy)

With this one you pre-filter using dropdowns to then display the results. Also includes a callback form.

Loans (Netherlands)

Comparing different loan products

Loans (Norway)

A new layout with smart filtering

Funding Comparisons (Australia)

Simple comparison table with help icons

Private borrowing (USA)

This one was all about showing savings

Lending products (Germany)

Four products in one plugin with sorting and filtering

Credit scores (Nigeria)

This version includes a credit score filter.