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Loan Application Form

An option for Premium users, you can now link the comparison table with a loan application form.

See the Demo

  1. Krystian on 15 May 2019:

    Are you planning to implement multiple language options?

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    • Graham on 15 May 2019:

      Hi Krystian,
      The plugin is already translatable so if you use a language switcher on your site the plugin should display the selected language.

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  2. Bartek on 28 Dec 2018:


    1. After last update “Filter” option disaapeared and I cannot activate it again (after “save” box is unchecked)
    2. How to add labels as You show on example at home page (f.e. green label on instabank named “Ice cream”)?

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    • Graham on 28 Dec 2018:

      Hi Bartek,
      I’ve just tested this and was able to activate and save the filters. If you want to test the ribbons you need to install this update:

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      • Bartek on 28 Dec 2018:

        Thanks for answer.

        1. Is it possible that problem is generated by cashing plugin, it happend after i installed “Cashe enabler”?
        2. Thanks

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        • Graham on 30 Dec 2018:

          Have you upgraded to the pro version? The filters are not an option on the free version.

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          • Bartek on 30 Dec 2018:

            Sure. I got pro

          • Graham on 30 Dec 2018:

            In which I have no idea why you can’t save the filter checkbox. I’ve tested on three different sites and it works on all of them. Can you install this update so we both have exactly the same version:

  3. Mua on 04 Dec 2018:

    HI Graham,
    some banks offer loans in local currency and in euros.
    But the euro is usually EURIBOR +x%. To make it even complicated sometimes it’s fixed.

    So a bank can have EUR or Local currency loans- then fixed loans and variable. And then the real cost of the loan (presumably service charges, fees etc)

    Doable ?

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    • Graham on 04 Dec 2018:

      Everything is doable! On different plugin I already have options for combining fixed and variable fees so I’m sure I can work something for this plugin. I can make it so you have two ‘fees’ fields for each bank then in the general settings a range of options to set these as fixed or variable and initial or monthly. Would this work for you?

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  4. Ramino on 16 Nov 2018:

    The plugin is AMAZING man!
    Thanks for that!!

    Just installed it and can’t changes the link of the ‘apply now’ it alwys show -‘undifind’ – Could you please fix this bug ?

    Again, Thanks@!!

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  5. Narin Charan on 13 Nov 2018:

    Request sent.

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  6. Narin Charan on 13 Nov 2018:

    Graham, can I reach you by email or Skype? I would like to talk to you about further customizations. Thank you.

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    • Graham on 13 Nov 2018:

      Search Skype for fisicx (Graham Smith). I’ll be free to talk a bit later

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  7. Narin Charan on 13 Nov 2018:

    Hi there. I’m very happy to have found this plugin.

    Is it possible to predefine variables for each unique customer?

    For example, customer 1 receives comparison options with these variables predefined:

    Amount minimum = $10000
    Amount maximum = $50000
    Term minimum = 6 months
    Term maximum = 12 months
    Rate factor = 1.30

    Customer 2 receives comparison options with these variables predefined:

    Amount minimum = $10000
    Amount maximum = $100000
    Term minimum = 6 months
    Term maximum = 18 months
    Rate factor = 1.20

    The concept is that each customer will receive a unique offer page based on their credit strength. It’s actually the same WP page, but with the calculator variables predefined and merge tags to personalize the page.

    My thought is to accomplish this with the use of a URL query string:

    Thanks for building this and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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    • Graham on 13 Nov 2018:

      Hi Narin,
      It’s certainly possible to do as you suggest. I could add $_GET to the function to replace the settings with the custom variables. Not quite sure how to use the firstname as this isn’t something the plugin uses.

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