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Support for the plugin is pretty simple. You can fill in the form below, add your comments at the bottom of each page or give me a call on 07921 859802 if you are in the UK. Unless your request or question is barmy or you are trying to sell me manly substances I will reply once I have an answer. But please make sure you give me the URL of your calculator so I can take a look at the misbehaving page.


New features aren’t always free. I may have to ask for payment if you want anything more than a tweak. And if you use Divi or some other theme with a page builder and it doesn’t work there isn’t much I can do. These themes are behemoths and really need to be burnt at the stake. Popular does not equal good.


All the text strings are ready for translation. You just need a plugin to do all the heavy lifting for you. Some suggestions here.

Some pages that might help

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  1. Dawid Kowalski on 28 Jun 2019:

    How can I add a loan to see how it looks after buying it?

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