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The Loan Amount slider allows to set up to four ranges each with different step sizes. In the image above the loan amount goes from 100 to 900 in steps of 100 and then from 1000 to 10,000 in steps of 500.

The Term slider is a little more complicated as there is a fourth column to set the period. This can be D, M or Y for days, months and years). In the image above there are steps at 7 and 14 days then 1 to 11 months and 1 to 18 years.

When you save the settings the plugin will compare the slider values against the min and max values for each bank and warn you if the sliders are outside the bank limits. It doesn’t stop you from using these values, it just warns you that you may see zero results in the comparison table.

Because the step sizes can vary the plugin uses the step number rather than the actual figure. The tables in the image show the step numbers and the value at each step.

Below the step values are options to change the labels for each slider and the initial positions. These positions use step numbers from the table. In the example the amount slider initial position is set to 10 which equates to $1000. The term slider initial position is set to 15 which equates to 2 Years.

The Period Labels allow you to set the singular and plural labels for days, months and years.

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  1. DC on 29 Sep 2020:

    Hello. Is it possible to create new slides? For different types of loans we might need additional parameters! Of course, these parameters should be linked with additional tabs in the bank’s tab. For example, for mortgage loan calculator, another slide could be the initial lump sum and every bank has a different threshold for that sum.

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