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A simple little WordPress plugin to compare bank and other loans with ratings, filters and sorting. Fully editable and ready for translation.

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The table you see here is the Premium version with all the options enabled. You can disable all the bits you don’t need. To see what the free version looks like click here.

Download the Plugin New Features

Custom versions

If this isn’t quite what you need you can get a custom version of the plugin.

Or you can try the new General Purpose version.

Features and Settings

Bar Charts Header Slider Settings Bank Data Bank Column Labels Filters Sorting Checkboxes Promotional Ribbons Number of Matches Ratings Fees EAPR Amortisation Apply Now Button More Info Settings Number of Results Output Formats Gutenberg Blocks Shortcodes Data Importer Bank Names  Bank Filters Bank Page Creation Column Ordering Credit Scores Translations Premium Upgrade

Loan Application Form

An option for Premium users, you can now link the comparison table with a loan application form.

See the Demo

  1. Czelika on 25 Aug 2022:

    Hi. I need custom version. I need to change comparison plugin and add value in column 4 amount e.g. from 300 to 5000, change 1 column with rating to checkbox highlighted or not and add display Apply now on phone. How much would it cost?

    Reply to Czelika

    • Graham on 25 Aug 2022:

      Hi Czelika.
      Going to send you an email as there are a lot of questions about the functionality.

      Reply to Graham

  2. Paolo on 24 Aug 2022:

    Hi. I have a custom version and when I want to give a loan amount in table 4, e.g. 200-5000 and I give [amount], only the text is displayed instead of this range. How can I change it?

    Reply to Paolo

    • Graham on 24 Aug 2022:

      Hi Paolo,
      Not sure what you mean by custom version. Is this something I’ve built for you? The amount shortcode is only ever the slider value. If you want to show the range I need to code a different shortcode for you.

      Reply to Graham

  3. AYMARD on 23 Sep 2021:

    can i add more filters and remove the slider for amount

    Reply to AYMARD

    • Graham on 23 Sep 2021:

      Hi Aymard,

      If mean more than 15 filters the answer is no unless you pay for the work. Adding filters is complicated and slow. You can hide the sliders in the slider settings.

      Reply to Graham

      • AYMARD on 02 Oct 2021:

        I have a pre made design can i have your email so you check if its something doable with the Pro version?

        Reply to AYMARD

  4. Jakob on 14 May 2021:

    Hello, When updating the plugin, we lost all translations and settings fromt he plugin. It just turned back to english and standard settings. We use it on quite some pages, and I am now waiting with updating further pages. Is there a way to avoid losing all our changes and translations when updating?
    Best Regards

    Reply to Jakob

    • Graham on 14 May 2021:

      Hi Jacob,
      No idea why your translations or settings have gone. I’ve not had any other reports of problems. Were you using a translation plugin?

      Reply to Graham

  5. Prime Aque on 24 Mar 2021:

    Hello, I was surprised to know that I need to upgrade again, in fact I have upgraded last December 2020. I have sent an email, please check.

    Reply to Prime Aque

    • Graham on 02 Apr 2021:

      This was an update to fix some minor bugs and typos.

      Reply to Graham

  6. Ashish Koirala on 22 Sep 2020:

    hi Graham,
    Great Plugin. I had the idea to work on bank comparison website which I dropped for some reason. However, I’m working on some other project which has a similar outcome as to your plugin. Could you please let me if it can be done easily or if you’ve anything similar, that’d be great.

    I’m working on a website similar to this https://www.coursecompare.ca/courses/

    So, basically I wanted the results similar to your plugin but for education courses – not for a bank loan. The dynamics would be changed a little bit.
    If you’ve any suggestions, Highly appreciated. Let me know if you know something similar


    we can discuss the price for custom plugin for this one and create some amazing work!!

    Looking forward to your reply!

    Reply to Ashish Koirala

    • Graham on 22 Sep 2020:

      Hi Ashish,
      That looks interesting. Nothing overly complicated, a set of filters rather than sliders. The biggie will be the size of the dataset. Looks like there are hundreds of courses. But there is a way to make this work. I will send you an email.

      Reply to Graham

  7. Bill on 12 Jun 2020:

    Hello, I really like the plugin and am considering using it for a new site I am building for student loan comparison. Are you available to help with customization and implementation? If so please give me an idea of cost (fixed or per hour?) and timing. Thank you!

    Reply to Bill

    • Graham on 13 Jun 2020:

      Hi Bill,
      I’ve sent you an email

      Reply to Graham

      • Bill on 22 Jun 2020:

        Hi Graham, I did not receive the email. Can you try to resend?

        Reply to Bill

        • Graham on 22 Jun 2020:

          Sent again, check for messages from mail at quick-plugins.com

          Reply to Graham

  8. Miguel Albuquerque on 25 Mar 2020:

    Hi Graham,

    Great plugin. Can I have more than 10 pages of this plugin on my page? I have loans and credit cards and I would like to use the plugin for both. Is it possible?

    Reply to Miguel Albuquerque

    • Graham on 25 Mar 2020:

      Hi Miguel,
      There is an extension you can install that lets you create an infinite number of tables. The settings have to be from table 1 but the data can be different. I might be able to set up it so you use the settings from one of the 10 standard tables. Go to the plugin settings and install the ‘Data Export and Import’ extension.

      Reply to Graham

  9. Osanda Cooray on 10 Mar 2020:

    Hi Graham! This is superb indeed, I was wondering if you could send the credit card comparison version if you have built one ?

    Reply to Osanda Cooray

    • Graham on 11 Mar 2020:

      Hi Osanda,
      The credit card comparison version was a custom build. Most people just use the standard version to do credit card comparisons.

      Reply to Graham

      • Osanda Cooray on 18 Mar 2020:

        Hi Graham, I have not purchased the paid version and looks like I can use it for cards comparisons as well. Just a few observations and clarifications

        1 – Is there a limit of results displayed in the Bar Chart ? I can see only 9 results are displayed even though there are 13 in total.
        2 – Can we add drop down option to Banks filter ? When you check it on mobile there is a huge list
        3 – Can we make Calculator and sorting options fixed on mobile devices ?


        Reply to Osanda Cooray

        • Graham on 18 Mar 2020:

          1. There shouldn’t be.
          2. This might be possible
          3. I don’t understand the question. Please email me an image of what you want.

          Reply to Graham

          • Hoa on 31 May 2020:

            Can I add “drop down” option to Banks filter ? and how can I do?

          • Graham on 31 May 2020:

            In theory you can. You would have to edit the code to do this. Or you can wait for the next update which has a number of bug fixes and minor changes.

  10. Sergey on 02 Jan 2020:

    Hi, I saw .pot file, will create a translation for you, buy I don’t see any settings for language change, how to do that? For example to switch to Se language that is included.

    Reply to Sergey

    • Graham on 02 Jan 2020:

      Hi Sergey,
      Go to the General Settings and change the site language. The plugin will detect the new language and display the translation is if it exists. I haven’t updated the .pot file so you many need to sync to get all the new strings. If you send me the files once you have finished I get them uploaded with the next update (coming soon).

      Reply to Graham

  11. maik on 05 Dec 2019:

    We have tried to change some parameters, for example.

    1 – If you rename on Column Ordering, “Interest” to any other term, still appear the -> %.

    2 – Another issue is that, if you change or add a bank on table 1, the same bank app appear in the rest 12 tables. ( I mean, should be independent, otherwise it is very difficult to work because you have to do one time to add and eleven times disable that information but the information will still be there [backside]. )

    Believe me, we have been in this business for years, and we not need that you concern about what information display, what we need is much less, some kind a simple basic template where if we add “X” term image or data we can show it in the place we want keeping this style…each each independent table, because we could use different style of a corporate logo or credit card from the same lender in different order (each page looks different for avoid monotony) ..like

    table 1 – lender A(at top)
    table 2 lender C(at top)
    table 3 lender A(at top) with different image.

    but now is only.

    table 1 – lender A(at top) same image.
    table 2 lender A(at top) same image.
    table 3 lender A(at top) same image.

    but, people first look, then read.

    In fact, in the large financial product platforms there is no specific tool for loans or credit card, there is only one which allows you to add or change any terms, with total data freedom..with the same table style. it’s more about deconstructing everything, leaving only a basic form.

    Having said this, how we can get this ?

    Reply to maik

    • Graham on 05 Dec 2019:

      Not sure why the data is copied to the other table. I will investigate.
      All you other questions suggest you need a custom version of the plugin. I’ve built versions for other client to compare credit cards, broadband providers and even student loans. I will send you an email.
      One thought: you can drag and drop the banks to change the order they display in each table.

      Reply to Graham

  12. Alex on 17 Oct 2019:

    Is the data in the plugin (text, bank info, etc) indexed in google?
    I see that all text is displayed in a script at the end of the page – . And Google can`t see this content.
    Maybe I’m wrong?

    Reply to Alex

    • Graham on 17 Oct 2019:

      Hi Alex,
      No it’s not. The comparison table is generated when the page loads which means there is nothing for Google to index.

      Reply to Graham

      • Alex on 17 Oct 2019:

        Graham, is it possible to make the same plugin that it generates html code on page? Sorry for my english.

        Reply to Alex

        • Graham on 17 Oct 2019:

          Not really. The whole table is generated using JavaScript. If you want a plain HTML table the sliders and filters will no longer work.

          Reply to Graham

          • Alex on 17 Oct 2019:

            🙁 sorry to hear that…

  13. Alex on 16 Sep 2019:


    Why I can`t insert line break into textarea (Info 3 and Info 4 forms)?
    And how I can do it?


    Reply to Alex

  14. Timo on 22 Aug 2019:


    Can you make the Apply Now button link nofollow?

    Reply to Timo

    • Graham on 22 Aug 2019:

      Go to the settings and scroll down the ‘Links’ section. You will see options to set the links to no-follow.

      Reply to Graham

  15. Adman on 29 Jun 2019:

    Hi, does this have option of the banks to create accounts and update the loan details by themselves? I want banks to register as users and create their our details

    Reply to Adman

    • Graham on 29 Jun 2019:

      Hi Adman,
      This would be complicated but it is possible. If you are able to pay for development I can put a quote together for you. I don’t think it will be cheap.

      Reply to Graham

      • Adman on 08 Aug 2019:

        How much?

        Reply to Adman

      • Adman on 24 Aug 2019:

        Hi Graham
        Please email me how much.

        Reply to Adman

        • Graham on 24 Aug 2019:

          I sent you an email on 9 August

          Reply to Graham

          • Adman on 07 Oct 2019:

            In August I had emailed asking how much you will charge to customize so that lenders can create accounts and update their loan details on their own. I want lenderx to have baility to update their loams details. You have not answered till now.

          • Graham on 07 Oct 2019:

            Hi Adman,
            I emailed you on 9 August at 07.40. The cost is dependent on how much functionality you want. It can be done with password protected pages, user login, email up dates, CSV uploads and so on. It also depends on if they need to change their logo or add new rows to the table. Minimum cost will be £150. Until you provide a specification or set of requirements I can’t give an accurate answer.

  16. Heny on 13 Jun 2019:

    Please, I would like to this plugin but I need to show using to for another system of amortization like SAC (System of the amortization Constantly) do you can improve this?

    Reply to Heny

    • Graham on 13 Jun 2019:

      Hi Heny,
      All I need is the formula and I can quote for adding this system. Last time I did similar it took about two hours to code and test.

      Reply to Graham

  17. Dan on 30 May 2019:

    Please help with a query:

    Total Cost

    What do you mean? I see that it only rises a little according to time. But what is calculated there?

    Reply to Dan

    • Graham on 30 May 2019:

      The Total Cost is the total that will be repaid. It’s sum of the principal and the interest.

      Reply to Graham

  18. Snabba utbetalningar on 24 Apr 2019:


    I run the site: https://snabbautbetalningar.se/

    My “More info” button doesn’t work after you change the sliders… It works if you press it before you change the amount or period of the loan, but if you first change the sliders to new amount/term, then the “more info” button stops working.

    How come?

    Please help 🙂

    Otherwise, I love this plugin and I bought the pro version! Very happy!

    Reply to Snabba utbetalningar

    • Graham on 24 Apr 2019:

      Hi Axel,
      It seemed to work for me after I reloaded the page. There are some CSS issues but everything works as it should. So the only think I can think is a conflict with another plugin or your theme.

      Reply to Graham

  19. minores on 06 Mar 2019:

    How to put your icons in checks? What would all the checks have different icons.
    Found this piece of code:
    “function loancomparison_format_checks (bank, sc_rates) {
    var name = ”, details = “”;
    for (var i = 1; i <= 4; i ++) {
    if (bank ['check' + i]) {
    details + = ' ‘ + sc_rates [‘check’ + i] + ”;
    details + = ”;
    return details; } ”
    But I could not understand how to do it.

    Reply to minores

  20. Andrej on 24 Feb 2019:

    in “Checks” can’t write like ex. “15 minutes” shows only “15”

    Reply to Andrej

    • Graham on 25 Feb 2019:

      Bug found. Just need to find a way to fix this.

      Reply to Graham

  21. Andrej on 20 Feb 2019:

    I tried again. It’s only me getting always trouble??
    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Row 526

    Reply to Andrej

    • Graham on 20 Feb 2019:

      Line 526 in which file? I’ve just done a test download and install and it worked fine. Can you delete the plugin and download the update again.

      Reply to Graham

  22. Andrej on 15 Feb 2019:

    there still many bugs… like you can’t write symbols “.” or “%”. Mobile view is broken or not appearing at all and some other small issue. I’ll back to the old version it will be better for me

    Reply to Andrej

    • Graham on 15 Feb 2019:

      I just tested and was able to save and display a whole range of symbols. Try clearing your cache to reset the JS. What is broken on mobile? I looked on both an iPhone and Android and it look OK to me.

      Reply to Graham

  23. Andrej on 14 Feb 2019:

    Is this possible to have on two pages with different offers? Like on domain.com/instalment-loans/ show one kind of offers on other page domain.com/payday-loan/ another kind of offers?

    Reply to Andrej

  24. Andrej on 11 Feb 2019:

    Hi, I noticed a bug in “Checks”. When I write down any number in any “Checks” field getting error – “0” at the comparison table. And on “Headers” too!

    Reply to Andrej

    • Graham on 11 Feb 2019:

      Hi Andrej,
      It seems like the javascript is interpreting symbols as mathematical operators. I will get this sorted. In the meantime convert symbols to HTML entities. For example change a dot into .

      Reply to Graham

      • Andrej on 12 Feb 2019:

        not working this trick with HTML entities…. 🙁

        Reply to Andrej

        • Graham on 13 Feb 2019:

          Found and fixed the bug. Try this update: https://bankcomparisonplugin.com/plugin-update/

          Reply to Graham

          • Andrej on 13 Feb 2019:

            Warning: Illegal string offset ‘columnsorting’ in /home/xxx/domains/xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/loan-comparison/options.php on line 161

          • Graham on 13 Feb 2019:

            Fixed it. Download and try again

  25. Keith on 18 Jan 2019:

    Hi does this integrate with woo commerce to manage the client repayments of the loan, After the calculation , interest etc can that be sent and managed by woocommerce etc

    Reply to Keith

    • Graham on 18 Jan 2019:

      Hi Keith,
      There is no integration with woocommerce but I’ve done some research and it’s possible to create a product for each client. If you are able to pay for development I can add this feature for you. Doesn’t look too complicated so shouldn’t be too expensive.

      Reply to Graham

  26. andrew on 11 Jan 2019:

    Can this plug-in be translated in other languages,other that english?

    Reply to andrew

    • Graham on 11 Jan 2019:

      Hi Andrew,
      Yes it can. It alreqdy comes with the .pot file, all you need to do is is build the mo/po files. Once you have done this send me the files and I’ll include them in the next update.

      Reply to Graham

  27. Imran on 02 Jan 2019:

    sorry also can the calculator work out payday loans repayments and instalment loans in one table

    Reply to Imran

    • Graham on 02 Jan 2019:

      I can make it do anything you want. Send me an email with the details of what you want and I can quote for doing the work.

      Reply to Graham

  28. Imran on 02 Jan 2019:


    I bought your previous plugin which was great but this is the type of plugin I wanted initial so thank you for making it.

    Few questions
    Can we input our own calculation to work out loan repayments?
    Can a slider be made for individual lender pages and also have one big table like the displayed one above?

    Reply to Imran

    • Graham on 02 Jan 2019:

      Hi Imran,
      If you want to add your own calculations add the function to loancomparison.js and send it to me. I can then add a selector to the settings so you won’t lose your edits when the plugin updates.

      You can have a single lender on a page using the shortcode [loancomparison bank="Lendo"] where the bank name is the alttext for that bank.

      Reply to Graham

  29. Max on 30 Dec 2018:

    Hi. Great plugin. Great work.
    But I have question about plugin functionality improvements:
    1) Is it possible to bring the slider to the main page with transfer to the page with already filtered data?

    Reply to Max

    • Graham on 30 Dec 2018:

      If you have the pro version yes you can. I’ll send you an email with details on how to use shortcodes to preset the filters

      Reply to Graham

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