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About Me

I build WordPress plugins. I create WordPress theme. I set up and configure WordPress sites and help people make them a success.

This site is for just one plugin as it’s quite specialised and is already generating some variants.  I’m in no rush, if it takes a couple of years to build up a client base then that’s fine.

If you want to see some of the other stuff I’ve done:

This is my main plugin site: quick-plugins.com

This is where I offer advice: aerin.co.uk

And this my other calculator plugin: loanpaymentplugin.com

Some people seem to use these social media things but I’ve never really got the hang of them. I much prefer propping up the bar in a pub and talking to people. And not one of those trendy places that charges £15 for a strange foreign brew. I drink proper British beer out of a pint pot.