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Once you have installed and activated the plugin go to Settings > Loan Comparisons

If you have the free version you will see three tabs: Settings, Upgrade and Styles. If you have upgraded you will see eleven tabs, one for each of the 10 different comparison tables you can have on your site and the style tab. The settings page for each comparison tab is the same, it’s just the data that you need to change.

You do not need to change anything right now,. Just add the [loancomparison] shortcode to any of your pages or posts and the plugin will display a set of default data.


Bar Charts Header Slider Settings Bank Data Bank Column Labels Filters Sorting Checkboxes Promotional Ribbons Number of Matches Ratings Fees Apply Now Button More Info Settings Number of Results Output Formats Gutenberg Blocks Data Importer Bank Page Creation Premium Upgrade

  1. Lynette on 10 Oct 2023:

    Hi Graham,

    Looking for something like this (app and output comparison table) for a website I am working on.
    If you’re available for a small project / to give me some pointers please send me an email to get in touch.


    Reply to Lynette

  2. Jessica on 09 Feb 2022:

    Thank you Graham. You are allways best! Like very much this plugins which you have created. Free version is good and also pro version! Need to buy a second pro version to my second website 🙂

    All good for you


    Reply to Jessica

  3. tata on 05 Apr 2020:

    Hi, i really like your plugin. Have ine question. You say : 10 different comparison tables you can have on your site and the style tab… My question. if i have multi country website (for 7 coiuntries) and I need 5-7 comparison tables per country.. how can I have this in place?

    Reply to tata

    • Graham on 05 Apr 2020:

      Hi tata,
      There is an extension that lets you upload as many data tables as you want but they all use the settings from table one. I could add a function so you can choose which table to use but you would have to pay for the work as this was just a freebie add on.

      Reply to Graham

  4. Dani on 29 Dec 2019:



    I want to buy the plugin – BankRoll – from you but I see nowhere where I can pay on your website


    Reply to Dani

    • Graham on 29 Dec 2019:

      Hi Dani,
      That was custom built for a client using their calculations. It will not work for you. I have sent you an email.

      Reply to Graham

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