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Custom Versions

Here are some of the custom versions I’ve built for clients over the years. Clicking on the images open a new tab.

Or you can try the new general purpose version.

Electricity Providers (Finland)

Calculates the monthly cost filtered by contract type

Creditcard comparisons (Norway)

Simple credit card comparison table

Bank loan (Denmark)

Loan comparisons (Finland)

One of the first plugins I wrote. Really simple table, just the amount and filters.

Loan comparisons (Italy)

This one lets you select the type of loan then add filters

Insurance (Switzerland)

One core plugin that is used to compare different types of insurance.

Loans (Norway)

A new layout with smart filtering

Private borrowing (USA)

This one was all about showing savings

Mobile phone comparisons (Sweden)

Set your data needs then filter by who you are. The clever bit was showing the deals.

Loan comparisons (Czech)

Standard plugin with filters and sorting

Lending products (Germany)

Four products in one plugin with sorting and filtering

Credit scores (Nigeria)

This version includes a credit score filter.