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Bank Data Settings

Instructions on how to set each of the Bank Data fields

Logo. Use the ‘Upload Image’ button to add an image from your media library. The plugin does restrict the display size of the image but it’s better to upload smaller images to begin with.

Logo Link. This is the target page for the bank logo (if you want the logo to link somewhere).

Alt Text. The Sorting function uses this field to get the bank name.

Min Loan and Max Loan. These are min and max loan amounts the bank will lend. Do not add spaces or currencies.

Min/Max Term. These are min and max terms for the loans. They use the step number given in the Slider Settings.

Interest Rate. The min and max interest rates for the bank. The lower limit is used for the calculations.

Admin Fees. An optional field for those banks that add a fixed or percentage administrative charge. There is an option to make these an annual charge. Fees can be added to the total to pay.

Rating. A figure between 1 and 5 to display a number of stars below the logo if the rating option is enabled.

Button Link. The target pages for the Apply Now button.

Hide Bank just means the bank will not display in the comparison table.

Create Bank Page. Option to create a page for selected banks. Find out more about page creation.

Add Bank Filter. Use in the bank filter option.

Sponsored. Displays an editable label below the Apply Now button to indicate affiliate or other sponsored links

Checks. Six feature options you can display to the right of the rating. Find out more about the checks option.

Ribbons. Select a ribbon to display a promotional message acorss the top left corner of the bank data output. Find out more about ribbons.

Filters. Check boxes to indicate which filters apply to the bank. Find out more about the filter option.

Info Boxes. Four fields that will display in a slide down box when the More Info link is clicked. Find out more about the more info option.

Example. Words that display below the bank data or on the More Info section.

Use the Order Icon icon on the left to change the order of the banks.

Use the [X] on the right to remove the bank.

Below the list is an Add Bank button that unsurprisingly lets you add a new bank to the list.

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  1. 1van on 10 Jul 2019:

    How can I display min-max amount in loan offer? Just like it shows here http://bedrelaan.bankcomparisonplugin.com/ ( for example 100 000 – 600 000 kr). Now it only shows the min amount.

    Reply to 1van

    • Graham on 10 Jul 2019:

      Hi 1van,
      If you upgrade to pro you will get a whole load of new features including the option to show min and max values.

      Reply to Graham

  2. Mua on 04 Dec 2018:

    Graham, a feature request:
    Add another link to internal page for ourname|com/more-about-bank-name/ since some sites may have a lot more info about the bank and users may need a way to go there to see /rate etc. direct from the comparison table.

    Reply to Mua

    • Graham on 04 Dec 2018:

      Adding a second link in the settings is easy. But where would you want this link to display?

      Reply to Graham

      • Mua on 04 Dec 2018:

        Graham since they are ratings, it would good be if ratings and the logo linked to the ourname|com/more-about-bank-name/ . This way the site is a lot more complete. And Apply Now means you go to the bank’s site or a form

        Reply to Mua

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