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Column Ordering

The free version has four fixed columns of data for each bank with the logo on the left and button on the right.

If you upgrade you get to choose up to six from a selection columns. And you can drag and drop to change the order.

All pretty nifty and easy to use.


You have the option to display up to 6 but after a lot of testing I discovered more than four just don’t fit well on anything other than a massive screen. So be a bit careful.

There are a number of options you can configure to manage how the outputs are displayed.

Set how and when fees are added. Fees can also be subtracted to indicate a saving.

The outputs can be set to show min and max values – this can cause overlapping columns so use with caution

The default interest rate is Effective APR. Selecting nominal or simple interest if required

The info link anchor it what displays in the ‘More Info’ column. The link is set in the Bank Settings.

The reset column order does what it says on the tin. It puts everything back to the defaults.